We get things done  because we are decision makers having a proven track record with budget- and “people” responsibility.

As each of us has at least than 15 years of experience on CXO level, we speak the language of Boards of Directors and  management teams. So we understand your challenges. We are a speaking partner with whom you can exchange ideas and come to solutions.

We focus on the job: Each of us has made a deliberate and long term choice for a career and status as independent, self-employed manager. As we are not and will not become part of the permanent organization, it enables you and us to communicate clearly to co-workers and other stakeholders what job we will perform and what goals we intend to reach.

We execute an assignment as job or project: Either we can perform an assignment as a job, and discuss with you goals, communication and reporting requirements. Or we can perform an assignment as an interim management project, with clear objectives, activities, deliverables and milestones. We adapt to what you regard as most the effective way of working for your organization.

We blend-in easily: Being experienced interim managers, we are experienced in performing assignments in organization of various cultures. That’s why we blend-in easily. And fast.

We analyse and plan quickly: The circumstances of our assignments often don’t allow us much time for analysis and planning. So we are used to separate major and minor challenges. We plan and create commitment from the stakeholders mostly within 2-4 weeks. When beneficial, we use our own quick scan methodology which we have developed over the years. So you can expect from us rapid but well-founded conclusions and plans.

We execute and implement rapidly: The nature of our assignments is often challenging. Our experience and expertise enables us to deliver from the start of the assignment most effectively, according to your goals. It motivates us to realize successes every day. It commits us to results and creating above average value.


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