Joris Walraet

  • General Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Coaching & Consultancy
  • Change Management

Joris is a seasoned manager with over 35 years of work experience in several business area’s and industries. Since 2009 he is a self-employed Interim Executive, working with C-level management or as an interim director to analyze, advice, change or adapt organizations to new situations.

As a C-level interim manager with an ICT background he has been responsible for many major changes and organization restructurings following new market conditions or adaptations to external conditions (f.e. M&A, crisis).

He guides companies in the field of policy implementation, change, process optimizations and transformation programs.

  • His passion?       Opportunities, innovations and challenges.
  • His character?    Social, convincing and positive.
  • His beliefs?         People still make the difference.

Adapting and synchronizing or balancing people, teams and organizations with processes and systems are his trademark.

In the past Joris held senior management positions at large privately owned companies and interim C-level positions at various other organizations in numerous business areas.


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