Paul Sysmans

  • General Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Change Management
  • Coaching & Consultancy
  • Paul joined iExecutives in Sep 2022 as a seasoned manager with over 35 years of work experience in many companies, varying from SME scale-up companies up to large publicly held multinationals. His focus and respected track record have been primarily on bringing smaller size companies to their next level of international success, of professionalism in their topline activities, and potentially even acquisitions and post-merger integration into larger size market players.
  • Most familiar with the highly demanding and strongly regulated medical devices, medtech, lifesciences industry, but also other industries like construction equipment.
  • Strong international playground, with varying company sizes and varying roles (general management, sales and marketing), have developed Paul into a manager with strong understanding of cultural differences between countries, companies and departments, as well as how to professionally interact with boards of directors and investors.
  • On his expertise in building strong distributor networks, Paul published a book in 2018 with LannooCampus, called “The Channel Whisperer – how to recruit, manage and develop your distributors”.



  • General Management, full P&L responsibility
  • International B2B in hardware, software, consumables and professional services
  • Topline revenue and profit growth
  • Change management
  • Business development
  • Sales and marketing process optimization
  • Distributor network development and team coaching
  • Scale-ups up to publicly held multinationals
  • Medical Devices, medtech, lifesciences and other industries
  • Analytical and a big Power BI fan
  • Inspirational speaker and negotiator with communication skills in 4 languages (NL,UK,FR,DE)


“As a general manager I have always tried to act as the conductor of an orchestra of talents. I suggest the music we will play. I secure the right number and expertise of talented musicians that we need. I try to make them play our music in perfect harmony, and soonest possible without needing me all the time as the conductor.” (Paul Sysmans)


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