Tim Cornil

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Change Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Logistic, supply chain & purchasing management
  • Crisis Management
  • Operational Management

Versatile and highly accomplished senior management professional offering over 20 years of experience in a multitude of areas. Major strengths are the depth and broadness of knowledge in all main business areas and the unique aptitude to influence, lead and steer major international transformation programs and teams.

This has already lead to successful endeavors in:

  • International Program management in Supply Chain area, driving transformation through sets of projects covering all major business fields: Commercial, Operations, ICT, Finance, Tax & Legal, and HR & union negotiations.
  • Merger and acquisition projects from due diligence to driving and executing the integration from A to Z.
  • Start up of International new business, new products and companies
  • The setup, reorganisation and management of international procurement organisations with high performance business results (cost reduction, risk mitigation and quality improvement)

Core competencies:

  • International Program and Transformation management
  • Solid knowledge in all main business areas: Operations, Finance, ICT, HR, Tax & legal
  • Merger and Acquisition: due diligence and Integration project management
  • International procurement Management
  • Setup of new International business & companies (UK, China, Belgium)
  • Creation of new products in new markets
  • Excellent business acumen
  • Experienced people manager
  • Diplomatic, yet result focused
  • Ability to gain trust and cooperation at all levels
  • Gets the job done


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