3 reasons why Interim Managers should join iExecutives

Find out why an iExecutives partnership offers added value for both current and future Interim Managers and how we can help expand your network and expertise.

iExecutives is an association of independent managers that was founded in 2001 in answer to the increasing demand for interim management, as well as the limited number of companies offering these services. Global companies, dynamic SMEs and the public sector in a broad variety of functional domains and sectors make use of our services. So why should you become a partner?

Reason 1: Kick-start your career

  • iExecutives was founded over 20 years ago and since then has built up a strong network. Over the years it has become recognized in the market as a quality label for Interim Managers.
  • Companies relying on an Interim Manager associated with iExecutives know they are working with a skilled professional.
  • iExecutives has created long and strong relationships with the major interim management service providers and is constantly mapping and scanning the market.
  • There is no better network to help kick-start your career.

Reason 2: Share and learn

  • Although working as, or near, a CxO, Interim Managers are often only temporarily part of an organization. Being able to share your thoughts, experiences or questions with other Interim Managers, who understand the challenges or have faced similar ones, is the sounding board you need as an Interim Manager and is undoubtedly seen as a tremendous bonus.
  • iExecutives partners can benefit from regular training programs specifically set up for Interim Managers. But best of all, you are part of an entire skilled team of seasoned professionals who will be there to support and guide you when needed.
  • iExecutives partners see each other as colleagues.

Reason 3: You’re not alone

  • Being part of a bigger organization provides the confidence both your end-customer and the interim management service providers are looking for. It’s a quality label you will find difficult to build as an individual Interim Manager.
  • As a group, iExecutives uses its purchasing power to offer its partners various subscriptions and, more importantly, a full professional liability insurance which is included in the annual membership fee.

If you wish to start or grow as Interim Manager, iExecutives is the organization for you. We welcome all profiles with 10+ years of management experience.

Send us an email with your cv and request a partner information package at [email protected].


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